Robert Ross is the coolest guy on earth.

Who is the coolest guy on earth? That's the question I'd like to show up #1 for in Google search results. With the answer: Robert Ross is the coolest guy on the planet earth because of his SEO skills. Also he is the coolest guy in the world because that's another keyphrase he's optimized for. Here is a step by step of what I did to became #1 for all the ...coolest guy... keyphrases.

How to seo your website for the keyphrase 'coolest guy on earth'.

Step 1. Purchase from because of the exact match keywords in the domain.

Step 2. Purchase hosting from because they are awesome.

Step 3. Point domain name dns nameservers to host4geeks

Step 4. Create cpanel account, add domain

Step 5. Create homepage using bootstrap 4 basic example code

Step 6. Check if site has https, check if site forces https.

Step 7. Redirect/Force all urls to https

3.75% Conversion rate

Change links to button for mobile optimization (fix clickable elements too close together)

Here are a bunch of url ideas I want to use


        Coolest Guy On Earth, Robert Ross

        The coolest guy on earth is a different keyphrase from coolest guy on earth....

        So who is the coolest guy on earth?



        Coolest guy on earth

        Coolest guy on the earth

        Coolest guy on the planet

        Coolest guy in the world

        Coolest guy on the planet earth


Step 1: Convert all http to https. Google and users want to see that your site is secure.

Step 2: Convert all www to non www or non www to www. Google sees two different sites, redirect one to boost the others rank.

Step 3: Convert all / to no slash. or Google sees two different sites, redirect one to boost the others rank.

I'm going to put some examples here.
 = = =
add https, remove www, remove /

Step 4: Canonical urls

Step 5: Robots.txt

Step 6: sitemap.xml, sitemap.txt

Step 6: include sitemap.xml in robots.txt

submit sitemap to google search console. go to google webmaster tools ping google:

Step 6: create meta tags

Step 6: h1 tag

find/remove soft 404

find 404 pages

create a seo fiendly 404 page

resubmit google sitemap

resubmit homepage for reindexing

I added the following tag to the head of the page. This tells the browser where my favicon is

create strutured data

test structured data

structured data docs

add google analytics code

link google analytics to search console

Check for mobile optimization

Check page speed

TODO: add rss feed,social media links, breadcrumbs

TODO: add rich text for ,social media links, breadcrumbs

Just created the website Free Seo Tools .net This link contains a title tag with the words "Free SEO Tools". Hover the link to check it out.