Who is the coolest guy on earth?

Robert Ross became the coolest guy on earth by writing this page on how he became the coolest guy on earth.

...I documented some of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) related items as I was setting up this website. While doing so I noticed the site continued to rank higher in search engines for the keywords and key phrases I wanted to show up for.
I continue to add to and change this page, follow the steps below to DIY SEO your website.


  • Step 1. Made a favicon at favicon.io
  • Step 2. Created this homepage you are reading right now using PHP, HTML, and the bootstrap CSS framework
  • Step 3. Created required/default pages: home, terms, privacy, contact, about, 404

Technical & On-Page

  • Step 4: Match Page Title, H1 tag, and url (seo friendly version of the page title)
  • Step 5. Description, Meta description from description.
  • Step 6. Add title tags to all links.(match links' page title, if possible). Add alt tags to all images.(match current page title, if possible)


  • Step 7. Forced the site to redirect all urls to https:// without the www.
  • Step 8. Created seo required pages robots.txt, sitemap.xml, sitemap.html, and sitemap.txt
  • Step 9. Make sure 404 pages work correctly, setup redirect if needed.


  • Step 10. Added google analytics code
  • Step 11. synced to search console.
  • Step 12. Submitted sitemap